Well guys, 90 days to go. It’s getting so close! After fighting with what to blog about, I have finally made a list of the rest of my ideas until leaving. This one will be the top 9 (for 90 days left) touristy things I am looking forward to doing. This list was hard to come up with because some of the most exciting things I will be doing aren’t very touristy, like Highclere and Cardiff. I don’t feel like those would be on “Top 100 Things to do in London” lists.

In no particular order, I give you

The top 9 touristy things I want to do while overseas

9. The London Eye


This is something I’ll be doing almost as soon as I get there. I believe it’s part of our London orientation. I’m sure I’ll be nauseous when in it, but I won’t let my minor fear of heights get to me. Just as long as it doesn’t break and I have to climb down on a ladder…

I am mostly looking forward to the phenomenal pictures that I know I’ll get on the London Eye. Regular ferris wheel pictures are great, so imagine them on THIS ferris wheel! You get thirty minutes on it, so that’s plenty of time to see all of the skyline.

The London Eye is actually a year older than my youngest sister. She’s 12, so it’s 13. It’s a teenager!

On New Year’s, fireworks are fired from the wheel itself for ten minutes! Unfortunately, they don’t celebrate the 4th of July anywhere else in the world, so there won’t be fireworks for that.

8. West End

I don’t know what show I’ll see, but I know I’ll see a show. I have a few that I want to see, but I’ll only see one or two. I want to see Les Miserables, Spamalot, Book of Mormon and Wicked. I’ll probably have to narrow down my list though.

I’ve already seen Wicked, but it’s one I won’t tire of, so I’d go see it again. I’ll likely never get another opportunity to see Book of Mormon, so I hope I’ll get to see that one there.

In reality though, I’d be happy seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (that’s a joke because I’ve heard the London soundtrack…) I just want to see some theatre while I’m there. I’ll definitely be sitting in the audience singing along to whatever I see.

7. Double Decker Bus

I don’t really want to go on a double decker bus. I’ll just say that first. Public transportation scares me a little. I would like a tour in a double decker though. You know, the kind where everyone paid to be on it so you don’t have to worry about pick pocketers?

6. Buckingham Palace

I am completely obsessed with the Royal Family. I don’t know why, because I was never a princess person growing up. Everything about them fascinates me.

Apparently the Queen waved at my uncle when he was in London, so that means I have to wave at her too. Maybe I can one-up him and get Prince William and Princess Kate to wave at me.

I also love looking at beautiful buildings. Looking at old, antique furniture and buildings is one of my favorite things. I almost wish I could see the buildings in different time periods.

5. The tube

I am really good at reading maps. I learnt that in NYC. I am a pro at going from one place to another if it requires taking a subway. Hopefully my prior subway experience will show and keep me from looking like a lost tourist when I’m on the tube. I already know I’ll stick out like a sore thumb what with me accent and clothes and camera. The last thing I need is to get lost on the tube.

I just love knowing that I walked underground at this place and in a half hour, I will emerge across the city without having seen outside zooming past. It’s such a weird thought.

4. King’s Cross StatioN


I’m sure going here is a tad overrated and has a long line, but I have to. Being a Potterhead since 1st grade, I feel like I’d fail the fandom if I didn’t take my picture there.

Since I’m so good with subways, I could easily get to King’s Cross for a picture.

It’s probably lame, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I cry when I get to Platform 9 3/4.

Don’t judge.

3. Abbey Road

I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge Beatles fan. I’m one of the “their music is good, but I’m not in love with them” fans.

I saw The Dakota in NYC, so I almost feel obligated to see Abbey Road. I do realllllly want my picture there, though. Mainly because it would be super cool, not because The Beatles were my favorite band ever.

I have heard though, that it’s a bit dangerous to take the iconic picture. Apparently there are no traffic stops there and it’s a pretty busy road.

2. Eiffel Tower (in Paris)

During our mini-break, I’m pretty sure I’m going to Paris. Whoo hoo!!

I desperately want to see the Eiffel Tower. I want to take one of those cliche pictures trying to push it over and then I want another cliche photo of picture trying to push it over for their own cliche photo.

Seeing something that’s been standing for over 100 years is an incredible feeling. I feel like I’m standing in history.

The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid for monument in the world and I’ll gladly add to that with my visit.

1. Stonehenge

Honestly, I don’t want to see Stonehenge because it’s famous for being Stonehenge. I want to see it because it is where the Pandorica is hidden. It’s where The Doctor and Amy and Rory saved the world.

Also, it’s pretty much the default background picture on most computers. Wouldn’t it be something to take a photo from the exact same angle and make it my background? Then I could tell people it’s my photo and not the default. It sounded cooler in my head.

So, after writing this, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of these places, I really just want to visit to say I’ve been there. That’s what I like about traveling. Getting to go somewhere that not a lot of people get to see. That’s part of how I decide what to see. I honestly think I’m more excited about seeing Winston Churchill’s Underground Bunkers than I am about seeing Buckingham Palace just because it feels like something most people don’t see.

Well, toodleloo,