In honor of 80 days left:

The following list is the top 8 things I want to do in Paris. Now, having only two-three days (maybe even just 1), I know I won’t finish the entire list. If I was going with my mom, yes, I would, as we jam pack as much into every day as possible. Going with friends, though? I’ll probably be lucky to get half of this done.

Though, I will likely never go to Paris again, so maybe I will find a way to see it all. I’m good at planning schedules, so I could probably fit it all in! Though I doubt my friends like rushing everywhere like I do.

8. Eiffel Tower

I’ve already talked about the Eiffel Tower a TON, so I will just leave you with a pretty picture. I DID learn it’s open until midnight though and it probably won’t be crowded.

7. Dali Museum*

This might sounds weird, but I really think Salvador Dali is my favorite artist.

He is the first one I ever learnt about, so I have an attachment to him. I had to learn about him in my Spanish II class and then paint a surrealist picture inspired by his work.

I would really love going to the Dali Museum and seeing just how weird it is.

6. Versailles*

I have loved Versailles ever since reading a book about a servant girl (fictional, of course) who worked there. Palaces have always enthralled me and this one is absolutely beautiful.

5. Notre Dame

This is really one of those places that I want to go only to say I’ve been. It’s beautiful, but I don’t have any reason to go there other than I want to.

Also, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a pretty great movie.

But really, the gothic architecture is probably my favorite type. The gargoyles and everything are just beautiful.

I don’t want to go in though. I just want to take a picture of me outside of it.

4. Arc De Triomphe

So, honestly, I’m not really sure what the Arc De Triomphe is. I want to go though.

3. Louvre*

Okay, so I really dislike museums. In New York, we completely skipped the MOMA just because we didn’t want to go.

That being said, I really want to go to the Louvre. I don’t think it would be right to skip it. I think I can turn off my dislike of museums for an hour or two. Just long enough to see the big deal pieces of art, like the Mona Lisa.

2. Pantheon

I only knew this building existed because I was scouring the parispass website. I would never have wanted to go there otherwise.

Of course, being me, I researched the building after learning about it. Now I really want to go there for one big reason.

The crypts.

Now, I normally don’t wander around people’s graves, but in New York, I stumbled upon Alexander Hamilton’s.

This crypt has within it’s walls:

  • Voltaire
  • Rousseau
  • Victor Hugo 
  • Marat
  • Emile Zola
  • Jean Moulin
  • Soufflot 
  • Louis Braille
  • Marie Curie
I don’t know who half of those people are, but Voltaire, Rousseau, VICTOR HUGO, Louis Braille, and Marie Curie are all people I’ve heard of.

1. Opera de Paris

I’m not a big opera person, but I like taking tours more than the average person should. If I can take a tour of a place, I’m in!

I can only imagine things you’d see on a tour of an old opera house. Maybe a phantom? It IS the same opera house that the Phantom of the Opera is set at.

Okay, so, I actually didn’t know the above fact until literally five seconds ago. I googled the story and discovered it right in the midst of typing the second paragraph of this section. Now I have no choice but to go to Palais Garnier, the official name of the beautiful building in the above picture.

*Places I’m willing to give up if there is no time, though Versailles is still somewhere I really want to go.