Sup guys! I just got back from a weeklong mission trip in Arlington. It was fantastic! We had a ton of fun. To prove it, I will be enclosing some Vines.

About a month before leaving, I switched to Paleo, which proved to be a difficulty when surrounded by high schoolers who eat junk. To stay on track, I took a cooler filled with Paleo meals along with us.

To keep them frozen, the cooler had some dry ice in it. That created ample opprutinity for fun once we arrived at our host church. I dumped the ice down the sink and some kid decided to pour water on it and then grab it with his hands. Big mistake.

Never take a group of 20 to a WalMart. It was awful, though I was able to buy fruit. That was nice.

Big Mike in his onesie. That can never be unseen.

We had been discussing the “Shrek” musical during breakfast prep and all morning, he sang about Fiona.

This was the chapel at the mission. Every morning and afternoon we met for around a half hour in order to make sure everyone knew what the next part of the day held.

The boys created a game where they had to twerk. One kid ended up racking up over 300 twerks to complete.

Most mornings, Big Mike sang to the group at breakfast.

Doesn’t that look fun? We did do mission trip things. In the mornings, we did service projects. One morning, we picked up trash at our apartment complexes. One we held a free garage sale. Another, we gave out loaves of bread. I don’t have many pictures because I didn’t really have chances to pull out my phone and take them. We were too busy. I’ll post pictures at the bottom.

We started the day knocking on doors, telling the parents that we were meeting at the playground. Parents would give us their children and we took them back a few hours later. We sang songs, played some games, colored and got into small groups.


The under 6 group mostly colored.


We went to a Hillsong concert one night. We were literally three rows away from the tip top of the theatre, but it was still incredible. I felt like I was on the front row. They didn’t sing Cornerstone, which is my current song obsession, but I didn’t mind too awfully much.


Eric and his brother Joel. Joel didn’t speak a lick of English and kept correcting me on the pronunciation of his name. It’s kind of like “Zho-el.” He was always smiling. He liked me because I knew what “bebe agua” meant.


This is Stephanie. She was the sister of the boys above.


Jenny, Gabriela, and Stephanie


Gabriela colored me a picture of Dora. She also taught me how to say “booger” in Spanish. It’s “moco.” They all laughed when I said it.

I have a few videos that I really wanted to post, but my youtube app is being ridiculous. I upload them, and they aren’t on youtube. I don’t know what the deal is. Oh well.

My favorite part of the trip was day three. It was salvation bracelet day. I was sitting next to Joel, helping him with his bracelet and reading what each color means in Spanish. A 10 year old names Fransico was sitting near us too. He gave me an A- on my reading, btws.

We got to the white bead, which represented new life, or nuevo vida. He said “I want one of those.” We talked for a few minutes about what he meant by that. He said he wanted the joy we sang about in the song.