Well, I’m in London!

The plane ride was really long and I didn’t sleep at all. I got maybe two hours. I fell asleep right after we entered Canada and woke up right before we left. Everyone got a pillow and a blanket. I lost my pillow somehow, but the blanket kept my toes warm.

For dinner, we got a choice between tortellini or chicken and rice. I figured the chicken and rice was better than the gluten. I gave Patricia my dinner roll, cookie, and crackers. The salad was tasty though!

The dinner after I was finished with it.

In front of every seat, there was an entertainment console with tons of movies and TV shows. I watched GI Joe at like three hours til London to pass the time.

I watched this the entire time. It was addicting.

At around an hour to London, they brought out breakfast. It was a croissant, yogurt, and orange juice. I didn’t eat it. I munched on fruit strips.

The landing was great. As an experienced airporter, I zoomed through customs like a pro. I was with my baggage a good twenty minutes before anyone else was.

My first view outside the airport actually outside!

We waited inside for the bus for around a half hour and when we finally got on, it took an hour to get to the dorms. The only big thing we saw on the way was Harrods.

Loading the bus!!


The Natural History Museum. I can go for free!!



At the dorms, we got our room assignments. I’m on the first floor (thankfully, since the elevator is a bit finicky.) I have a fridge in my room, which most don’t have apparently.

My new home for the month.

First, we went to the ATM and got some money out. Then we bought converters and called our families.

After that, I went to the grocery store and bought breakfast foods.

I got two things of 6 eggs, 4 apples, 4 bananas, a skillet, 4 forks, and a plate for around $25. I’ll have to buy more eggs and fruit, but it’ll last me a few days!
This was supposed to be a panorama of the houseboats that dock across the river during the summer, but a) I started the picture too far right and b) Clarke ran through the photo and turned into a ghost.

Then it was nearly dinner time. Dinner was pizza. Gross. That’s gluten. I don’t eat gluten. Another person on the trip is also Paleo. A few of us though, did decide to go get real food. Around seven of us went to get our Oyster passes a day early (so we wouldn’t have to wait in a 50 person line tomorrow) and find dinner. We were going to go to Nando’s, a chicken place, but we couldn’t find it. We ended up settling for Greedy Cow, a burger place. We got kangaroo burgers. They were unbelievable.

We waited in line for an hour to get our Oyster Pass as opposed to waiting three hours in a longer line tomorrow. The people watching was fun!


This was a kangaroo burger. It was phenomenal. I also had a latte with it, and it was really pretty, but I didn’t take a picture with it.

After that, we went to the store again where I found some BACON. Yum yum bacon!

Tomorrow, wake up is at 9 for a meeting at 10:30. We’ll get our schedules and take a walking tour with our professors. Sometime tomorrow, I HAVE to buy a hairbrush. I forgot mine. Whoops.