Yesterday I bought breakfast makings. I don’t cook breakfast…

It was really good and it’s what I want to eat for every meal.

After that, me and Patricia went hunting for coffee. Turns out the on campus shop is closed on the weekends.

We got a picture with some guy in a statue though.

First thing we did was have orientation and then meet with our professors. It was pretty informative. Unless we’re catching a tube, our earliest class is Monday at 9. No others start until 10 or even 11.

After the meetings, it was lunch time. I went to the on-campus pub called The Drunken Monkey. I stray away from it at night, but during the day, it’s kind of like Samurai only without the hibachi. I had Chicken Lettuce Parcels, but others got fried rice or duck. I learnt that a Sprite is called a lemonade here!
With lunch done, it was time for our walking tour of central London. The places we saw are in the photos below. Compared to the other groups, we saw nothing. It was okay though, because my teacher bought us all dinner at an Italian place. I got chicken parmesan.
Trafalgar Square


Leicester Square


A packed street we were walking on


Turn your head, though, and the packed street empties rapidly


We all went to White Chapel tube station so people could get their tube passes. Our station is closed right now for repairs. While they got their passes, the rest of us got our mobiles. It’s a Nokia that’s small, has no color, and plays Snake.

Today, we’re seeing St. Paul’s Cathedral (it’s free if you go when they’re having service) and riding the London Eye. A few of us might try to catch a matinee show if we can, if not, maybe we’ll hit up a museum.