This was pasted on the main door when we woke up this morning.

Today, again, started early. I can’t sleep in. It’s awful. A lot of coffee shops aren’t open on Sundays, and that was awful. We all met up to go to St. Paul’s Cathedral though. It’s free if you go on a service day.

The side of St. Paul’s

After St. Paul’s, we were free until the Eye. Me and Patricia decided to tag along with the photo class. They were going to some markets and Hyde Park. I don’t have any pictures of either, because I was hungry. We took the wrong bus so we didn’t have time for lunch. At the last market, I decided I needed something fast.

Pineapple, mango, orange and yogurt juice. It’s Paleo!! So far, I’ve only had ice cream 🙂
After that, we went to Hyde Park to see Speaker’s Corner. It’s a big open area where people can go and talk about whatever they want. It’s a free speech place. It was pretty cool. From there, we headed to the Eye.
Until we got on, I was thinking it was kind of small.


Westminster Abbey from the Eye!


Me with Westminster behind me
After that, me and Patricia roamed the area. We tried to find Little Italy for dinner, but we got hopelessly lost.
I did get the obligatory phone booth photo though!

Instead of Italian for dinner, we had American. We stumbled upon a 50’s style diner as we searched for Italy. I was wary because I’ve had a lot of burgers, but once I saw the fry list, I insisted we stay. I had a burger (plain and dry) and lettuce. I also had a bowl of SWEET POTATO FRENCH FRIES. Oh, and a coffee milkshake. Don’t tell anyone about the shake. The only cheats I’ve had since getting here is ice cream. I hope it stays that way! I like not feeling crummy after meals.

Apparently since going Paleo, my taste buds have changed. My friend tried a fry and said it was really bland. It’s like candy to me.