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Today, I had my first lecture. We learnt about what caused WWII. We started at 9 and finished a little after 10. At 1:45, we met back up and headed to the National Army Museum.

We found this pretty Veteran’s hospital on the way there.


Inside the army museum


A memorial inside the museum

After the museum, the class went back to the school. There was a chance of getting to go to Crossfit London, but timing didn’t work out, so I’ll do that later. If I’d gone, then I wouldn’t have gotten to go to the show!

Me and Patricia decided to head to the Leicester Square tkts booth for some discount tickets. Of course we got lost. After spinning in circles, I said “The next theatre we see with a halfway decent show, we’re seeing if they have tickets left.”

This is the first theatre we found. The Noel Coward.

The Cripple of Inishmaan was playing at the Noel Coward Theatre. This show was on my list of must-sees. We walked in after trying to figure out where the box office was. The lady first asked if we were picking up a ticket. I said no and asked if any were still available. She had two in a private box for around $85 left. It seemed expensive, but we did it. I later found out that most tickets are a lot more expensive for that show and we got a great deal.

My beautiful ticket stub
The show was fantastically funny


Me and Patricia with our programs that cost £4 each


Our view wasn’t too shabby either
Isn’t the box so pretty??
After the show, we did what any sensible person would do. Run. Right when the last curtain dropped, we were gone. Having been to New York, I know how the stage door works. We got there a minute before the massive hoard did. We were on the second row of people.
Look how close we were!!


We waited about 45 minutes for Daniel Radcliffe to walk out. It was worth it. The people around us were from Chicago, so we talked to them a bit.



The massive hoard I had to escape from.


Oh yea 🙂


Got the script with my right hand over a guy’s shoulder and got the stub with my left hand over his other shoulder.