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Today, my class had a guest speaker talk on the causes of WWII. After that, we had a 20 minute break and went to the Wiener (Veener) Library, a Holocaust library. We spent about an hour there, but what we were all looking forward to was the British Museum right next door. Almost the entire class hung around to go in after our field trip ended. All museums are free here, so it was easy getting in.

An Easter Island head!!


The Rosetta Stone!!


A pharaoh statue


A super cool sculpture!

After the museum, I went back to the dorm and me and Patricia rushed to try to get the Book of Mormon lottery. I knew we didn’t have time to make it, so when 5:30 flew past, I wasn’t too upset. Instead, we headed to the tkts booth, but they didn’t have anything good. We walked to Matilda, but they were sold out. We then walked to Once. They had seats open. We got £67 tickets for only £19. They were on the floor, ten rows back. It was great!


The show was fantastic. I see why it won over Newsies for best musical that year. It was funny, sad, happy, all at once. After, we decided to head to the stage door. Other than one other group, the other bystanders were all friends of actors. The other group were American and I fully credit them for the picture below. The guy was in a bet that he could get a hug from an actor. His friends would then buy him drinks. He walks up to Guy and tells him this. He gets a bear hug. Then the rest of the people ask for photos, including me.

Me and Guy!
I also made a slightly frivolous purchase, but I had to. I just HAD to.
I NEEDED this book.