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Today was a long day. I woke up at 5 to meet my class at 6:30 to head to Dover. We all slept on the train! We started with a tour of the underground hospital that was used in the wars and then took a tour of underground tunnels that were also used. After that, we got two hours to roam the castle grounds. It was freezing, so I could have used less time. I expected it to feel like London, but it barely hit 60 degrees and it was cloudy and windy.

There were literally 5 million stairs we had to climb inside the castle. It was fun!

Now I have a bunch of photos from the castle.

The castle as we approached


Looking into the town over a wall


An old church and a lighthouse


We saw part of the White Cliffs after finishing the underground tour!


View from side 1 of the Great Tower


Side 2


Side 3


Side 4


On top of the Grand Tower, there was another small tower, like for archers I guess. I climbed it as well.


Me on the Grand Tower’s Tower

After that was done, I headed back to the dorms and met up with Morgan and Clarke again. It’s so much easier making plans when everyone has working phones! We decided to head to Leicester Square and find food. We went to a Spaghetti House and I had Pollo Funghi e Aspargi (I hope that’s correct!) It was pan-fried chicken with asparagus and an amazing sauce on it. There were also roasted potatoes. I haven’t had anything that good this whole trip!

From there, we headed back to the tube. It was around 7:30, so I didn’t expect it to be too bad, but I have never been that close to so many people in my life. It was awful. There was no space in the entire carriage.

We managed to make it back though, and then Morgan and I headed to Sainsbury’s for groceries (and ice cream.)

After returning to the dorm, I began (and am still working on) planning for Paris. I think it’s mostly figured out, so I hope it all goes smoothly. This will be my first trip plan, so let’s hope my mom taught me well!!