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Today, my class went to the Churchill War Rooms. They were cool, but I was expecting it to be more like in that Doctor Who episode. There should have been a Dalek in there!

We were able to spend as little or as much time in there as we wanted, so a few of us sped through to hit another site after.

The meeting room


The cabinet room

Four of us zoomed down the road to the the left to see Westminster Abbey before it closed for the day. It cost £15 to get in, which wasn’t too bad. It’s around $20. No photography was allowed inside, which was a bit upsetting, but I got pictures of the outside! Inside, I saw Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary’s tombs as well as several other notable royals.

Big Ben! I have one dimple now!


Outside the Abbey


The line wasn’t too terribly long to get in
The center garden


I snuck a picture inside this hallway. Aren’t the ceilings super cool?

We ended up getting lost on the way back to campus. We should have gotten on the Westminster station stop, but ended up at Victoria Station! We made it back though and I bought ice cream at the store. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat regular vanilla again. It’s got to have clotted cream!!

Patricia and I bought our train tickets to and from Newbury and from Manchester, so that’s done with. Now I need to make plans for the last weekend, or at least try to. I’d rather see another country then see London some more!