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Today, we were supposed to meet outside of the dorm at 9:30. Well, being an early bird, I was awake at 6:30 and outside at 8:30. The rest of the class arrives slowly, though we were all still way ahead of time. The teacher walked up right at 9:30 and said that plans changed; we still had another hour.

When the time finally got there, my class visited a battleship called the HMS Belfast. It’s the last remaining WWII battleship. We got to walk through at our own pace, so we finished quickly, but it was still really cool.
A cool steampunky fountain we saw on the way
The guns at the top!

After we finished at the ship, our professor told us that we would move class an hour earlier, since the times messed everything up. He decided to meet in the campus restaurant, the Drunken Monkey. It doubles as a bar, so it was kind of loud. I made my own lunch though. I went to the store on the way back from the tube and picked up some asparagus. I wrapped it in bacon and cooked it up. It was phenomenal!

The bacon needed cooked a bit more, but I didn’t want to burn the asparagus

After our class meeting, I headed back to the room. Patricia and I decided we would see a show tonight, so we headed off for Wicked as soon as she got back to campus. There was a ton of construction around the theatre and it was near dinner, so I was in a rush to get the tickets. We ended up with £45 tickets a few rows apart. One was higher than the other. We decided to each take the good seat one act. I got it the second act.

Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre


They had binoculars for rent! I was tempted.



Now for Germany. Last night, I was talking to a person I know that lives in Germany. She used to go to my church and she was a small group leader of mine before she went to Germany. We messaged back and forth for about an hour, and now I’m staying with her and her family next weekend! Whoo hoo!