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On day 16, Patricia and I woke up early to go see Cardiff Castle. We got distracted on the way by a market, but decided to return there on the way. The castle is used a lot in filming Doctor Who, so that’s why I wanted to see it.

The next pictures are all from the castle.

The view that you’d recognize from Doctor Who


Air Raid shelters!


Signs inside




A moat!
The base of the former massive walls
The ceilings were more ornate than at Versailles. They’re like, tiered.


A fireplace mantel


A nice guy dressed medivally took this for us. Then I paid him £1 to make a coin with a hammer! He said he works for the king and is the only one allowed to make money.

After the castle, we returned to the market. I bought a cute owl stuffed toy and some lunch.

It was more of a farmer’s market than a shopping place, but it was neat to look around

After leaving the market, we headed back to the room and checked out. Then we waited for our train at 12:55 to Manchester. I thought it was only a two hour ride, but it was three. We took a taxi to our hotel and at first, it looked kind of sketchy. It was a little bed and breakfast type next to the Manchester United stadium. It was really cute though.

We got directions to the tram station and took the metrolink to the centre of town to wander around until it was time for the Macbeth, the only reason we were there.

I wanted to walk to the stadium and take a picture, but I didn’t.

The metrolink is all above ground. It’s more like a trolley than a tram. It was really slow and crowded, but it worked.

We ended up in Manchester at the same time as a ComicCon. I wanted to go, but Warwick Davis was the only cool person there. There were some weirdly dressed people though.
We decided to find dinner. We saw a nice little Italian place that was cheap enough and walked in. The man asked if we had reservations. It was a fancy place. Before we could leave, he found a table and seated us. I was in a t-shirt, Nike shorts, and Chacos. It was more fancy than Pelican’s! It was really yummy though.

We then walked and found a gelato place. My first ever gelato was incredible.

Then it was time to head to the car park for Macbeth. The actual shows sold out in a mere nine minutes.  I should explain though. Lady Macbeth was played by Alex Kingston, aka River Song. We had to go.

We asked this lady and she gave us a map


The doors opened at 7. We got there at twenty after. I just THOUGHT this was a lot.


We got great seats though!


At 8, there were this many.
There were at least 1000.


Only £3 and it’s a fabulous program. BTWs, that’s Gilderoy Lockhart.

The show was incredible. Alex Kingston was perfect, especially when she couldn’t get the blood off of her hands. I got chills. It was worth the sitting in a parking lot in the cold with people I don’t know!