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Today I boarded a train from Manchester back to London. It was around a three hour ride back. Once we got back, I relaxed and got ready to head to the store. Since today was a mostly boring Sunday, I took pictures of the walk to the store. Enjoy.
Headed to Sainsbury’s

We stopped in here and got candy!


Then we stopped at Cookies and Cream and got ice cream
I got a cute reusable bag from the store too *that I left in London 😦

When we got back, I took a shower and got ready to head to church. On the tube, there was a lady making a balloon animal. It ended up being a monkey on a tree.

It was cute in the end!
They sang Cornerstone, my favorite Hillsong song right now.

Today’s question of the day was “Do you go to Joel Osteen’s church?” That’s the only Texas pastor they know! One had heard of Matt Chandler. Tonight’s pastor, though, was from El Paso. He was really good! I’m looking forward to Louie Giglio on Thursday though.
After church, the girl I was sitting with invited me to go to Russell Square with young adult group. We all walked to the park and then I ended up at an Asian food restaurant with about ten other kids my age.