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Today was the first day back from the mini-break. My class was taking a train to Portsmouth, a little port town on the southern coast. We met, hopped on a train, and got there a bit before 11. It was a D-Day museum, so that was fun.

Some cute lily pads outside the museum

Women’s war relief posters


There was embroidery all around the huge room. It depicted the entire WWII story
An air raid siren
What a women’s job in a factory would look like
This answered a lot of questions. Some kid thought it meant disembark.
After we zoomed through the museum, we realized the rest of the day we would do nothing. We spent more time on the train than the museum, so the teacher suggested all going to a pub for lunch. First, we walked a few minutes to see the English Channel and a little castle that was nearby.
The coast!
Perfect day for Chacos! There was a gap in the railing so people can get to the water for boats and stuff, so I walked down the slick stone hill to put my feet in!
The castle was called Southsea and was free to go in. It wasn’t really much, but a castle is a castle no matter how boring it is.
A super old, original cannon
A lighthouse!
After the castle, we all headed to find food. We ended up a a nice pub. I had a chicken bacon burger (minus the bread, of course) and french fries (I know, I know…) It was pretty tasty UNTIL I was reading the menu when I was done and saw that these particular chips were made with gluten. …WHY DO FRENCH FRIES NEED GLUTEN?!
Anyways, that made me irritable, so now I’m wondering if gluten makes me irritable, because I ate at a pub with the exact same menu and got the exact same thing and I was easily annoyed afterwards.

I got over that though and we were ready to head back to London. We all go outside and wait for the taxis and I get in the first one with some people. In the taxi, I realize I left my drawstring backpack at the pub. I wasn’t too overly upset, all it was was a jacket, umbrella and some little postcards I got for my sisters. Nothing too upsetting to lose, right?

Well, I get to the train station excited to listen to Hillsong on the way back when I realize that it wasn’t just a jacket and an umbrella. It was my headphones as well. That was the worst train ride ever.

When we got back to London, I met up with Morgan and we headed off to Sainsbury’s where I got a new umbrella and apples. We got ice cream on the way, of course. It’s a two mile walk there and back, so we’re allowed to have ice cream.

On the way back, we stopped in a cheap but name brand sports store and I got a jacket and some ear wrap around headphones. I don’t like that kind, but it’s all they had. I’ll buy a new pair of official Apple headphones at the first chance I get.

Now everything is normal again. Tomorrow is Hillsong Conference night 1! Brian Houston and Kari Jobe! I’m so excited!!