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The class went to the Museum of London today. They’re supposed to have a nice section dedicated to WWII. We got there, walked all the way through and found out it’s being remodeled!
It was a nice little museum though.

An old taxi-cab

An old bike


A vespa


Costumes from the Olympic Opening Ceremonies





Loved how the prisoners’ graffiti was in serif. This was a prison wall from the 1800s.

After that, I rushed to the O2, because it was night two of Hillsong and it was Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin and we wanted good seats.

I sat in line for a couple hours until they let us in, and we didn’t even have that great seats. They were face on, but high up. The day people got to sit lower.
Our seats


Where the magic happens


It was completely packed

During Louie’s message about “No Funerals Today,” he fell off the stage. That was pretty exciting. He almost had a funeral today. Later, he was forced to sing God’s Great Dance Floor solo. He did pretty great.

As always though, Louie Giglio was fabulous. He might be the only pastor I can listen to for an hour and want to keep listening to.

God’s Great Dance Floor!
I’m sorry this is a rubbish post. I forgot last night and went to sleep and I’m about to go catch a tube to go to Germany. I don’t have time to make it really good.