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I thought today was going to be a boring day. Towards the end, it did get pretty awful, but the actual field trip part was really enjoyable. We went to the Royal Artillery Museum. I didn’t know what to expect, but the guide was funny. We started with an hour lecture on WWI, which was fascinating because I’ve never really learnt about WWI. After that, a man in a WWII kit talked to us about a few of the weapons and showed us a heavy gun (a cannon.) We fired a few blanks at the building next door and then the guide showed us the world’s oldest cannons and some newer ones.

I didn’t really take too many photos, but I got a good one of a big cannon.

A huge cannon

After that, we looked at a medal gallery and then headed downstairs to lunch. I had a tuna salad, some crisps, and a bar. The bar had cashews. Today cemented my fear that I’m allergic to cashews. My throat and mouth got tingly and I felt icky. I dealt with it because we were only half done with the tour.

Next, we headed back to the original room to meet some British soldiers. They showed us a modern kit and some modern guns. We got to hold heavy weapons!

This is a machine gun. I also held an AK-47 and a couple other. I’ve never held a gun before. #TexanFail

Afterwards, we went back into the exhibit room and got to look around on our own. Most of us (everyone except one kid) ended up just talking to the soldiers and the guides.

That’s when it hit me. I don’t know if it was just eating crud all weekend in Germany and the cashews were just the icing on the cake or if it was all cashew, but I started feeling awful. The tube ride was not pleasant heading back. We got back to the dorm around 4 and I still haven’t gotten up, but I do feel better. For a while, it was at the point where throwing up would have been the best thing my body could have done.

I think I’ll go to sleep early tonight. Tomorrow isn’t a really long day, but it’s still a day and I don’t want to be sick.