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I’ve been reading online all about HillsongConf LA ending and being fabulous. I so wish I could have gone, but I was able go to a couple nighttime sessions of HillsongConf London while I was over there.

Strangely enough, right before I read all of the Hillsong LA posts, I looked through the notes on my phone. I keep sermon notes on there when I travel. I’ll even write down the jokes that the speaker says or funny things that happen.

Louie Giglio fell off the stage on his night. Whoops.

This are my notes directly copied from my email and slightly condensed:

Brian Houston

Oceans (where feet may fail)

Matthew 14:25  

He’s out there in the mystery. Peter took a step into the water into the great unknown.

God’s great mystery tour*** 

You called me out upon the water, the great unknown, where feet may fail. And there I find you in the mystery 

Looks like nic cage

Mystery: inexplicable matter; a secret; a religious truth revealed. Especially one beyond understanding.
Mystery tour: pleasure excursion to a unknown destination
Life is a mystery tour. We don’t know what is next.

There is nothing mundane about the life of serving Jesus.
Refuse to live predictably, but live with a commitment to the great unknown where He will be waiting in the mystery.

Eph 1:9
His will, pleasure and purpose are all in the mystery
Isaiah 53:10

The pleasure of The Lord is saving you.
Daniel 2:26

There is a God in heaven who solves mysteries.

At least Peter got out of the boat. At least the disciples got in the boat. Don’t live like the crowd who didn’t leave the shore. Live like Peter, in the mystery.

What if I get out of the will of God?
The will of God is easy. Just go where God says to go and come when Jesus says come.
People mess up when they step into the mystery but Jesus did not say go and he’s not there saying come.

The more you know, the more you realize there is to know.

Solomon 7:4

With no mystery, there is no fight of faith
Your sovereign hand will be my guide. You’ve never failed me. You won’t start now. Mystery is the sound of prayer and praise.


At some point, he kissed his wife


With Louie Giglio, I had to force myself to type notes. I could listen to him for hours and not get bored. He might be the only speaker that I don’t bore of hearing. 


They had to open the top section on this night. I’m higher up than those people on the side.


There’s Louie. He fell off the front of the stage.


Louie Giglio 

No funerals today 

Luke 7:16-17 

Say holy mystery now

Luke 7:11 


Dead being carried out at the same time as Jesus walked in
Sin doesn’t make us bad people. Sin makes us dead people. When you’re dead, you’ve got problems because dead people can’t do anything for themselves.
Jesus interrupts funerals.

Almost fell off the stage


Chris Tomlin and God’s Great Dance Floor
Now only 107 days left until I see Louie, Chris, and Hillsong United at Passion Houston!!