This is my Snowpocolypse 2013 diary. Enjoy.

Day 1
I woke up at 6:30 to the news that the school district had shut down for the day. I had an 8 am class and the college was still open. Until 7:45, I kept refreshing the news website before leaving for school. I got home at 9. The sky was still bright. Nothing had fallen from the clouds yet.

At this point, people on Facebook were complaining about using a snow day on a sunny day.
I then went to the gym, fearing that the evening classes would be canceled. They were, so I’m glad I went. There, I made a 50# power clean PR. That was nice. My window had frozen over while I was working out. I then went to Starbucks. I was so positive that I’d be cooped up in the house the next few days that I wanted as much outside time as possible.
When I got home, I saw that friend Mickey had started a new trend. People took a photo of themselves staring in horror at the sky and made it their profile picture.

I then checked Facebook and saw that friend Melissa, who is in town for an event this weekend, wanted people to go to Gidget’s with her. Other friend Patricia and I ended up there with her! We visited for about an hour and a half before Patricia had to go to work. We had to take horrified pictures first.

It. Is. Coming.

I got home and found my sisters doing pretty much nothing. I think the snow day had worn off by around 1 pm.

Kacie making chili


Daryl watching The Walking Dead, her new obsession


At least it feels like Christmas!

We also do puzzles when it’s cold. Maybe we’ll finish this one by the time the storm is gone!

A huge Christmas puzzle’s set out to put together


Got the firewood ready to be brought in
My dad and I ventured to the new Natural Grocers store that just opened to check it out. I got a Paleo cookbook! After that, it was Sound of Music time.

The show was wonderful, even though the internet infuriated me. People were saying that NBC rewrote a classic and that Carrie Underwood is no Julie Andrews, which is true, but they have no idea that Julie Andrews did not originate Maria. The “new” songs were from the stage show and it followed the script exactly.

Dad begins to doubt my attendance at Thanksmass on Saturday night at Lake Diversion

Day 2

School was canceled again today, but I still woke up at 7:30. Roads were still icy and workouts were again canceled. I began to watch the American Open weightlifting meet online until we left the house. I saw my former coach Glenn and a girl I used to lift with before I quit.

Then we left and went to United to get a Christmas tree for my great-grandma’s hospital room. She fell and broke her hip the day prior and had surgery today to fix it. We decorated the tree.

Great-grandma’s Christmas tree

Then I went to work.

I was supposed to work concessions at the Nutcracker tonight, but it was canceled due to weather. Instead my family went to see Frozen. It was the second time for Kacie and I, but the first for the rest. It was just as good the second time.

I’m not driving myself to Thanksmas and he won’t take me, even though he is invited. I’m not going. #devastation

Day 3

There was already a fire when I woke up and the temperature is not supposed to go over 20 today. Sisters have to go to a dance rehearsal for a performance they’re in tonight. I’m still super upset I don’t get to go to Thanksmass tonight because I got my friend the world’s best gift AND it’s Thanksmass. I just can’t miss it. Friends came in from out of town and I don’t get to see them.

But wait.

I’m on my way to take my sisters to dance when my friend messages me. Thanksmass has been moved into town! It’s going to be at the theatre and I can go now! Whoo hoo!

After dropping my sisters off at dance, dad and I went to the gym to workout. We watched more American Open while we were there.

It was treacherous getting into the gym. The parking lot and the turf were a solid sheet of ice.

We then returned home to cook a last minute dish to take to the party tonight. I then went to said party.

The aluminum tree with all of the White Elephant gifts.


Peter, Margaret, and myself


One side of the group. The two people sitting on the far left are Hampton Williams and his girlfriend. They both were So You Think You Can Dance dancers and were in town as part of the Nutcracker held at the theatre. They spent the majority of the night hanging out with us.


I won a new Pyrex Cinderella bowl in the White Elephant exchange!

So, the Snowpocalypse ended on a much better note. It’s supposed to be above freezing on Sunday, so the roads will start to thaw out. Nearly every church in town is shut down in the morning though.

I went to Thanksmass.

Day 4

By afternoon on Day 4, roads were melted enough to drive normally and thus concluded Snowpocolypse 2013.