This is the days we spent at sea and the journey home. The individual ports will come later. I had too many pictures to do one massive post.

The water never ended

After waiting in massive lines on the Sunday, we finally got on the boat. Of course though, we can’t actually go to our rooms until hours later.

The boat was still decorated for Christmas!

We had never been on this boat before, so we didn’t know where anything was or how it worked. We found the buffet though, and all of the people, of course.

We were eating and Daryl began to look around.
“I’m not liking this ship thing.”
“The ice cream isn’t self serve.”
She was right, mostly. The ice cream we’d found was scooped by a guy (plus the vanilla was sugarless, but that’s another story.) The scooper was only open in the AFTERNOON. What?! Any cruisers KNOW that ice cream is a staple with every single meal. Upset, we kept walking and guess what she found?
She found the self serve machine.

This machine wasn’t much better than the scooper. It was only open in the afternoons too and kids were always dropping their cones on the floor.

Eating like this is why I actually lost weight on the cruise. I still ate as much as I wanted, but good foods!

One night at dinner, we were talking about when we were kids. Kacie’s thumb incident came up. It was my birthday party and she was four. She dropped the ball on her finger and broke it. Now it looks like a toe.

Her thumbs


This scary guy was waiting for us one night

I don’t have pictures from the shows, but they were all really good. The Second City improv group was there and hilarious and Dave Naster, another comedian. There was also a phenomenal magician. WOW.

On the last sea day, we got bored. By this time, I had read three books: An Abundance of Katherines- John Green and the first two Lord of the Rings books. I’m working on the third still. LOVE. Still, it was cold outside and I didn’t want to sit in my room reading.

Dad decided it was BINGO time.

We bought a huge package for the game.

Cruise BINGO works like so:

Buy your package for between $50 and $80. Open your Instant Wins and see you won $2. Tear your raffle tickets and put them in the gold drum. Decide who can play six cards and who only has the attention span for three. Play BINGO.
I got the six card paper and Dad played the three. Daryl, being under 18, got to play one card for free. There are three games per BINGO game.
-One line
-Four corner
Blackout gives the biggest payoff.
None of us did well at all the first two games and Daryl did horrible during blackout, but guess what?
After several great calls, she had won

Daryl won blackout BINGO. She had to split the winnings with another lady, but still made out with $100.

We then dominated at Broadway Tune trivia, but didn’t win. There were three I didn’t know.
I remember not knowing the following:
-Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
-Surrey with the Fringe on Top
We all got lemon sorbet during our last dinner. It was the best dessert. I will sure miss steak every night. We had to wake up early the next morning to get off of the boat. It ended up being unnecessary, because our plane was delayed 45 minutes.
Daryl took a nap in LAX