Part 3

I’ve never been to Cabo before. My parents love it though. It was our first stop on the boat. We didn’t have to make a time change here. We went crazy on time changes! We had to go back two hours once we got to LA. Forward one at both Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, and then back one each day for the next two. Once we got home, it was forward two more.

But I digress…

We got to Cabo a bit after noon on that day. All morning we sailed along the coast.

Selfie from the balcony

We had to tender to the port, which means that the boat anchored in the middle of the water, not on a dock. We took boats to the dock from the ship. Our tenders were the lifeboats. It was really neat to see them being lowered.

80 people can fit in each one abouts

Once we got to shore, we were going to rent a boat tour so we had to hunt down a guy. It wasn’t hard. Every person left and right was selling boat tours.

There were some cliff divers who are a lot braver than me


That’s Scooby Doo!


The Pacific Keyhole


The Arch
Boy did these guys stink!

Cabo is at the very bottom of the weird part of Mexico that’s still kind of California but isn’t. Baja! This is the last part of it.

Land’s End

After the boat ride, we walked to the Cabo Wabo Cantina, Sammy Hagar’s bar. It was sadly too crowded to get food.

After the Cabo Wabo, we went back to the boat. We had until evening in town, but there wasn’t much to do. I wanted to go to CrossFit Cabo, but dad said no. I’d probably go again, but stay at a hotel.