Part 4

We went to Mazatlán the next day. It had been several years since ships docked there. They had high crime for a while. We were their fifth boat in 10 months. Now, in March alone, they’ll have 17! It was a beautiful city, so that’s good.

You can tell it isn’t as touristy as most. Those aren’t hotels.

We did an excursion that showed us the whole town since we would have no clue what to do on our own. It was fun!

The Cathedral

The Cathedral in Mazatlan was built in the late 1800s with donor money. At one point right before it was finished, they ran out of money. A Jewish group in the area donated the rest needed. That’s why in the top of the picture above, you can see a Star of David in between the towers. In each stained glass window inside, a Star of David is in the top.

Mazatlán is famous for cliff divers, so we went and watched them too. When a crowd gathers, someone goes and jumps.

We went to a resort for lunch, a show, and some beach time after that. We also got to shop around a bit.

They only use corn tortillas. I CAN EAT HERE.

The beach was kind of pathetic, so we just went back to the boat after the show and I didn’t even take a picture. Believe it or not, I didn’t touch any sand on the entire trip.