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Part 5

I love Puerto Vallarta. That is no question. I spring break there every year with a big group of people. There were only five this time, though, so it was a bit different.

We started by taking a taxi to the Malecon, where all the action happens. It’s the ocean view street in town. We only had about 200 people try to sell us things, so it was all good!

We also find wifi all over the road, so yay for that!

We see this pole every year, but we’ve never seen it in action. WOW

Two people climbed up the pole and and began winding a rope around the top. When they were done, two others climbed up too. They played some music as they sat on the square at the top and then tied themselves up and fell over. The winded rope made them spin as they descended so they soon reached the ground.

I had to stop for gelato

The whole street was decorated for Christmas!

We made a stop by the cathedral that we always pass because it’s so beautiful. There was a mass going on so we didn’t go inside.

Then we walked to Pipi’s. It’s a favorite for us. The servings are massive and we all have the WIFI code. We took the back route because we never know which street to turn on. If you just walk left from the cathedral, you’ll eventually hit it. We made a note of which Malecon road takes us there though, so we’ll be good next time.

When we got back on the boat, I noticed something. Our first time in Puerto Vallarta, we wanted to go to the bull fights, but it had been shut down (Thanks PETA.) The bull ring was right outside our boat! It looks like it’s still running, but it isn’t. It’s just built well I guess. I always hope it’ll come back so I can see it.

The bull fighting ring

Now only 60 days until I’m back there!