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After once again waking up at 3 am, the Colonial team awayed to the Miami airport. We got there a bit after 3:30, but the gates don’t open until 4 so we waited around. Then we needed food. None of the food opened until 5. So we waited some more. Half of the group went and ate first while the rest of us stayed with the hand luggage. I walked all the way to the end of the terminal and found a Starbucks AND a hairbrush. We actually ended up taking off a bit early though, so we arrived in Haiti about 15 minutes ahead of schedule.



Unfortunately I didn’t get any sleep on the plane. I filled out my customs forms wrong so I was trying to flag down a flight attendant for a new form instead.

Customs and immigration were both so quick and easy. It was the waiting for the luggage to come out that took the longest. It probably took an hour at the luggage carrousel.

Once we gathered all of our stuff, we ran into our team leader, Amy, who was coming to pick us up. We followed her to the “Top-Top” (our open air car thing) and headed to the guesthouse.
Once we arrived at the guesthouse, we were greeted by the rest of our team with hugs and breakfast. Once we finished eating, we got a few moments to get sorted and then got back in the Top-Top to go deliver water.

We went to three locations in Cite Solei and delivered the water. Some of us held the hose, some moved water buckets, and the rest held babies, both clothed and naked. In between stops, we drove to the refill station and were able to have our snacks and a restroom break.


Around 3:30, we got back to the guesthouse. Some of the group went to the pool, but I showered and took a nap before dinner. There was gluten-free pasta! Our team leader is also gluten-free, so yay! I also facetimed with my parents and sisters. I got lucky because usually they aren’t all at home at the time I called.

After dinner, we gathered in the living room and gave our Word of the Day to the group. Mine was “patience.”

After the words, we watched a slideshow of today’s pictures. There were a ton! I won’t have those until we get home though. Before bed, everyone sat around the porch outside and took pictures of the Top Top.




Tomorrow half of us are helping with a water therapy class while the other half goes to the Home For Sick and Dying Babies. I’m going to the hospital. In the afternoon, we’re going to Apparent Project.