Today, our group split up in the morning. Half of the group went to the hotel down the street to do water therapy for St. Gertrude’s Home For Needy Children.

I went with the group that went to The Home For Sick and Dying Babies. Not all of the children were deathly ill, though I’m sure they were when they were first brought to the hospital. While we were there, we held babies. There were a lot of parents there holding their babies and there were also other groups there holding babies. We walked into the room with their cribs and the ones inside pulled themselves up and held their arms out to be held. I didn’t have a baby at first because they were all being held. I played with the older kids. There are children that live upstairs, in an orphanage. They also play with the little children.

After a while, one of the others handed me a sleepy baby. She didn’t want to do anything except sleep, but she wouldn’t fall asleep. I just held her for about two and a half hours.

Soon after a bell rang and all of the parents left. We held the babies a bit longer before the Sisters told us to put the babies back so we could feed. We were given bowls of soup with chicken and fed all of the babies. Once they were all fed and mostly asleep, we left.

We went back to the guesthouse for snacks before heading to the Apparent Project. It’s a shop where everything is handmade on site. We took a tour of the production rooms before getting to shop. I bought too much stuff, but it’s okay.


This isn’t everything I got because some are gifts.

After we got back to the guesthouse, we had a dinner of lasagna. I had leftovers from last night. Then we all relaxed and spread out around the complex. Soon after, someone ran downstairs and told us there was a soccer game going on in a lot next door. We rushed up to see and caught it just in time to see some of our people go over to play!




Our people didn’t do very well, but they had fun! We might go swimming later this evening after a devotional, but we don’t know yet.