Today, we started off the day with church at Grace Village. The music was in a mix of Creole and English and the sermon, about discipleship, was in both. Whatever the pastor spoke in at that moment, the interpreter said the opposite after. The children came and sat around us all and I had one boy fall asleep on me. One of the biggest parts of the message that I remember is “Is Jesus good to you? ……. Then why are you so selfish with him?”

After church ended, we lunched and headed up the mountain. We drove through so pretty nice areas and saw beautiful homes on our way to the small artisan market. I bought too much stuff, but it didn’t leave anyone out!

We also stopped at a American-style supermarket. I bought marshmallows and cheese balls.

After the store, we had one last stop. The metalworks market. I only had goudes left at this point, so it was different for me. I spent my last dollars at the store but had nearly 600 goude left. When they said $4 and $5 for the small metal items I bought, I told them goude and each cost 200. I don’t know the conversion, but I thought it was a fair deal.

Once we got back to the guesthouse, I started packing before dinner was had.

We went upstairs and sang with the group next door too. It started raining so we had to move under the awning.