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Well, I’ve returned recently from yet another trip to Puerto Vallarta. I absolutely love it there. I could (and probably will) keep going there for many years and never get bored.

We took this trip without little sister. She was at Kamp at the time, but still had fun without the beach.

We arrived in Mexico on July 2nd, just in time for the 4th of July. As always, we stayed at Marival Resort.

2014-07-02 13.42.10

Gold bands for EVERYONE

As platinum members, we were able to hang out in the beach club, with our own private wait staff. By the end of the week, we all really got along. Our group had the only some young people at the beach, so the young staff really enjoyed talking with us all.

2014-07-02 14.51.23

Our home for the week

Instead of lounging in beach chairs, I enjoyed the little bed things. They were shaded better.

2014-07-04 10.38.28

They always put beautiful flowers in the towels

The beach club had the best food of the resort. Usually, we frequent the pizza buffet (it has more than just pizza, but that’s what it’s known for.) This trip, we didn’t eat anywhere but the club for lunch. Dinner, of course, was at the restaurants. Where else can you get cinnamon ice cream??

2014-07-03 13.39.24

My usual lunch, fries and a “special” (non-alcoholic) drink. This day was a mojito.

When the chefs weren’t cooking, it was usually because they were chit-chatting with our group. Dominic even arm wrestled one.

2014-07-04 14.03.31

Dominic won.

This was the first year we didn’t make it down to the Malecon (boardwalk with shops and restaurants) in downtown Puerto Vallarta, but I still found a way to spend money. I spent my beach vendor money on the very first day with a jewelry salesman. I don’t really wear jewelry, but I do like rings. I got one last year so I had to get another. I paid $30 for it. It’s real silver (it’s stamped) and it’s also pretty heavy. My aunt checked it out before I paid to make sure I wasn’t getting swindled.

2014-07-03 16.58.03

I love it!

This year, we had a different type of room. It still had an ocean view though and it was beautiful. It was right above the children’s pool and La Bamba steakhouse.

2014-07-03 09.33.13

July is the rainy season, so it was overcast all but one day.

Every year, my little sister who wasn’t with us ends up sticking spoons to her nose. This year, she wasn’t there. We made a comment about how it hadn’t happened yet and these two guys made it happen. Luckily their backs were to the rest of the restaurant so we were the only ones who saw.

2014-07-06 20.44.10

Following the tradition

Marival has another hotel just down the beach that half of our group stayed at. It’s a lot nicer, but less active. We went to visit them one day to see if we’d like to stay there eventually. We might, but we still like Marival better.

2014-07-03 10.57.51

Elevator #selfie at the Residences!

I’ve got to end with a sunset picture. Even when it’s cloudy, they’re the most beautiful sunsets ever.

2014-07-03 20.58.55