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Every year, my youngest sister goes to kamp for two weeks in Missouri. She goes to Kanakuk Kamps. She arrives on a bus, but has to be picked up at the end. The four of us left loaded up less than a week after getting home from Mexico and headed to Branson to pick her up.

We stop every two hours, in OKC, Tulsa, Joplin, and then finally Branson.

2014-07-10 15.18.55

Our traditional Joplin stop

When we arrived in Branson, it rained for a bit so we hung in the room. When it stopped, we walked from our hotel to the Branson Landing to find dinner.

2014-07-10 18.32.15

We didn’t plan to be dueling CrossFitters!

The Landing is pretty much an outdoor mall. It’s next to a lake. There’s this neat water show that happens every hour too. It was designed by the people who did the Vegas show at the Bellagio.

2014-07-10 18.33.08

Fire comes out of the metal tubes sometimes.

2014-07-10 18.34.35



I don’t know if it was because of the rain or not, but when we got to the Landing, there was a layer of fog covering the lake. It was neat!

2014-07-10 18.35.06


“Hey Dad, go sit on that gorilla so I can take a picture!”

2014-07-10 18.42.00

The gorilla was such a good sport.

Our second day in Branson, and also the day we pick up sister, we decided to go up a bit into the hills and ride a zipline thing. It wasn’t a traditional zipline though. It was more like a chairlift that went a bit faster. It wasn’t scary at all. Dad bailed out though.

2014-07-11 12.02.17

It was neat!

After the zipline, we hunted down this diner that I’d heard about from a friend. It was nestled in the middle of a cute little shopping area that reminded me a lot of Six Flags.

2014-07-11 13.46.09 2014-07-11 14.39.44

At the diner, the waiters and waitresses sing to you periodically. They were all really good and the milkshakes were to die for!

2014-07-11 13.47.15

Loved the vintage sign.

2014-07-11 13.50.59

More vintage signage

We picked up the sister that evening and she ate a crab all by herself for dinner that night. She also stayed on her phone talking to her friends for ever. When we got home, she went straight to a friend’s house. It was like she hadn’t even gotten home! She’s back now though 🙂