So, it wasn’t actually a secret, but I don’t think most people knew. We’re going to Orlando! At 8 in the morning on August 10th, our group convened at Duncan manor to head out.



We planned this trip about six months ago and we’re going to Harry Potter world and staying at the wonderfully new Cabana Bay Beach Resort. It’s all 50s/60s themed.
Driving wasn’t much fun. I got us to Decatur and then Patricia took over for the next four hours. Then Cindy took us on home.



As a joke, Mickey brought a baby leash with. Margaret wasn’t amused.


Seigen, Kingston, and Persephone got along great.

Margaret brought a big binder full of fun activities, so we all got our wrote out the rest of our lives with fun games of MASH. I will live in a farmhouse at Hogwarts! I can’t post any of the MASH games, because #secret.


We ended up stopping for the night in Mobile, Alabama. One of the parents was able to get rooms with travel points. Sleep was wonderful and we all woke up refreshed and friends again!

With only an eight hour drive remaining, we left the hotel at 10 the next morning. I started the drive until my phone forced me into a town when it got hungry. We are at a Wendy’s and then headed on in to Orlando.