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On two mornings, our group went into Cite Soleil to deliver fresh water. Cite Soleil is considered one of the more dangerous places in the world. People don’t go there. At one point, we told someone we went there and they asked if we were joking. If you don’t live in Cite Soleil, you just don’t go there. It has a terrible gang problem and there are shootings, muggings, fights, and everything else you could imagine. So like I said, we went in twice.

Healing Haiti is the only group that delivers free water into Cite Soleil. We filled up a huge milk truck at the water fill station and headed in. We would regularly be at the fill station for over an hour waiting for our truck’s turn at the water.


The first district we visited (Cite Soleil is divided into around 34 different districts) was 17. 17 is going to be the site of a church that Healing Haiti is currently building. Before we walked to see the build site, we delivered the water.


“Hey you!”



Two people would hold the hose while the people moved their buckets under the constantly flowing water.

We walked to the build site after finishing the water delivery. It’s currently fenced off for construction, but we were able to get inside. We were standing on top of 16 feet of trash. The church is going on top of it. 



“God is so good, is so good, is so good!”


The rest of the pictures are from the other water truck stops that we made. We went to three different districts total. Two we visited twice. One we had to leave abruptly. There is always danger in Cite Soleil, but usually it doesn’t affect us because those who cause the danger know that we’re bringing in water and typically leave us alone. For some reason, something was about to go down though, so we had to put the babies down and leave without saying goodbye.











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