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On one day, we were able to go to a beach and relax. It was about two hours away from Port au Prince, so it was quite a drive. The way down, we stopped in Titanyen for church at Grace Village, so it was only an hour drive to the beach. The way back, we drove the whole way with no (planned) stops. We stayed at the beach until around 3:30 and then started back to the house. We wanted to be back before dark.


About twenty minutes after leaving the beach, there was a strange noise. We banged on the metal cage and the driver stopped to check out the noise. We had lost both tires on one side. We had no choice but to pull over. Luckily it was a safe area, so we were able to just kind of mull around until the tap-tap was ready to go.


The man in blue helped us because we ended up parked in front of his roadside shop and blocked his business.


We were pulled over for over an hour. They took one good tire from the other side and put it with the semi-flat tire. One had blown and one was just kind of flat. Then they put the spare with the other good tire.


Dan directed traffic while some of us played with kids that had come out to investigate. I think we were probably some of the only white people these kids have ever interacted with.


Emily taught them how to count to ten in English.


Once we were good to go, we all hopped back in the tap-tap. None of the good tires were very good, so we all said a prayer before heading off. At one point, the semi-flat tire blew out and we were left on three, one of which had a cracked rim. We were all nervous in the back because we were getting closer to the city and you don’t really want to be out past nightfall. We did make it back though, two hours later than expected, but still.