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Well, I’m less than three weeks out from my big trip of the year. 2013 was London. 2014 was Florida. 2015 is going to be a ten day European Adventure. Well, it’s not really going to be too terribly adventurous. It’s a tour. All of our days are planned out, though there will be a little time left over for adventuring on a few of the days. I like it that way though. In London, I got stressed out a few times because I had so much time and nothing set in stone. I like plans.

Anyway, back to the European Adventure. It’s a ten day trip. I’ll be going to four different countries. Well, five if you count Liechtenstein, which I do, but I’m pretty sure we’re only stopping there so that we can say we’ve been there because on the itinerary, it literally says “stop in Liechtenstein” and then we continue on to a castle in Bavaria. Other than that, I’ll be going to France (specifically Paris,) Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

Our travel map

Our travel map! We’ll continue on to Berlin instead of flying out after Munich. #TourExtension

In Paris, France we’ll be doing some of the following over the course of three days:

  • Opéra district
  • Visit Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Place de la Concorde
  • Champs-Élysées
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Visit the Louvre

We’ll also have a few hours of free time in Paris while the rest of the group goes to Versailles. The tour is made up of several different groups totaling around 30-40, I’m guessing and the four person group I’m in isn’t doing the optional excursion to Versailles. I visited the castle in 2013 and don’t mind not going back. I’d rather see something new in Paris instead of the same place twice!!

In Lucerne, Switzerland we’ll see these things:

  • Lion Monument
  • Chapel Bridge
  • Mount Pilatus
  • Swiss Alps

In Germany, we’re going to a few different places

  • In Bavaria, we’re visiting Neuschwanstein Castle and then Munich
    • In Munich, we’ll do some of the following
      • Olympic Stadium
      • Dachau Concentration Camp
      • Frauenkirche
      • Hofbräuhaus (the former royal brewery of Bavaria!)
  • In Berlin, we’ll do this super cool stuff:
    • Brandenburg Gate
    • Kurfürstendamm
    • Remains of the Berlin Wall
    • Checkpoint Charlie Museum

In Salzburg, Austria, these things will be happening:

  • Salt Mines
  • Mozart’s Birthplace
  • Residenz

The above isn’t in order because I lumped all of Germany in one spot. We’ll actually be going to Austria in between Munich and Berlin. Also I left a lot off of the lists because I have to keep some things a surprise! Actually I kept them off because I knew only like one of my Facebook friends might have even the slightest chance at knowing what some of the places are.

I’m super excited though. Things worked out PERFECTLY to where I won’t even miss a show at the theatre! I was originally supposed to miss an opening weekend, but schedules changed so now I’ll miss nothing and it’s wonderful. It doesn’t feel like it’s so close though and I don’t know why. I wonder if frequent traveling can desensitize a person to the traveling jitters? If so, it’s definitely happened to me. I don’t feel anything until I’m at the airport. It’s weird. It can be the day before I leave and I’m perfectly normal, as if I’m not about to go anywhere.

Well, I guess that’s all the words I can think of right now. I probably won’t post again until the day I leave. When I’m there, I’ll try to post every day. I’m definitely going to buy the hotel wifi everywhere (except I doubt the night train will have wifi, but it is the 21st century, so maybe!) and I won’t shy away from texting. The fees aren’t bad unless you send tons of texts a day. I’ll probably only be texting for updates from work on the set anyway. I get worried when I’m not there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Oh, and my parents. I’ll have to text them.

Be prepared for pictures. A lot.