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Paris. The city of love. The city I hate. Okay. I don’t hate it. It just isn’t my favorite. I don’t know why. I just don’t like Paris. I did enjoy what we saw, but seeing cool things isn’t enough to get over my dislike of the city. Either way, here is the first three days of my eleven day Europe trip. I’ll do a food post at the very end.

So first of all. This is an EF Tour so it’s all planned. I can’t take suggestions on what to do. There are 42 of us in the group, but only four of them are here in the small group. It’s five small groups that merge to one big group.

On the day we arrived, a Thursday, we went to a circle for lunch and then visited the Notre Dame.


This was our first glimpse of Paris outside of the hotel. It was cute.


Last time I was here, I didn’t go into the Notre Dame. The inside was magnificent. It’s crazy how these bushings are so old yet so incredible.

On day two, we did a short bus tour of Paris before having several hours of free time. I navigated our group of four through 12 miles of Paris, on foot. We walked the Champs-Élysées from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde, the site of the guillotine when it was in use. Then we walked to Palais Garnier, the opera house that hosts the legendary Phantom of the Opera. Then we walked to La Concieregie, a prison that held the condemned prisoners before their death by guillotine. The prison also plays a part in Tale of Two Cities.

Napolean’s grave


This is the ceiling in Palais Garnier. Last time, we only took a glance at the outside but this time I was able to go inside. It was beautiful and I got to take a peak at the ballet rehearsing their show. It had flying in it! And floor to ceiling trees that moved around!



This is at La Conciergerie. This garden is where prisoners waited to be taken to the guillotine.


Our group on a Seine River boat tour.


Clockwise from top left: La Conciergerie. The Arc du Triomphe. The Eiffel Tower from the top of Montparnasse, a delicious eclair that I ate. Me with ice cream.

On day 3, we went to the Louvre in the morning and then had more free time. I navigated today as well, but this time we used the metro. At one point we got lost in a mall and couldn’t find our way out. Even though we didn’t know where we were going, we still went the right way!

During free time, we journeyed to the Pantheon and it’s crypts which house people such as Marie Curie, Victor Hugo, Louis Braille, and Alexander Dumas. We also went to Luxembourg Gardens. After dinner, the whole group went to Sacre Cœur to see the church. It was beautiful.


Clockwise from top: Sacre Cœur. The Winged Statue of Liberty. A carousel. The Eiffel Tower lit up. Me at the Pantheon.


I guess Paris was okay. I like it because I’ve been there so I know how to get around. That was nice. The food was really good.  I got sunburned though.

I’m excited for Switzerland and chocolate now!! And Germany and bratwurst!! And Austria and The Sound of Music!!