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We also spent a day in Munich as part of our tour.  In the morning, we visited Dachau Concentration Camp and in the afternoon, we took a walking tour of the city.

 Dachau was somber. There were huge groups there touring, but very silent. Hardly anyone uttered a word while there. I’m glad I saw it though. It was intense.

Because how often do you see a man using a crane to play life size Legos?


The blue part is a glockenspiel.

Munich was beautiful. We stayed in the Marienplatz area for lunch and shopping, but our tour showed us everything, including the glockenspiel. We sat on the ground craning our necks up to see it. It lasted about ten minutes and was a story.


More of, I believe, the city hall


A closer shot of the glockenspiel.


Nymphenburg Palace

Our tour took us by this palace too. We weren’t able to go inside as it was closed for the day, but we walked around the gardens for a few minutes.

We had a chance to walk through the BMW museum too. That was neat.


Olympic Tower

We also had the option to walk through the Olympic Park. It was right next to our hotel so a lot of the group walked over. I was tired, so I didn’t though.

I don’t know that I want to go back to Munich, but it was definitely nice and I’m glad I got to see it in my lifetime.