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This has been in my drafts for months. I guess I never published it. Oops. I have several I never published. They’ll be out soon.

We took a day trip to Salzburg, Austria  on one of our last days in Europe. Salzburg is where Mozart was born and also where Sound of Music was filmed. First though, we stopped at the salt mines right next to the city.

View from next to the salt mines


We had to put on jumpsuits before we could go into the mines.

Inside the mines, we saw machines that the miners would use and took a few slides to get deeper quicker. There was even a ferry that took us across an underground lake.

After the mines, we took a Salzburg tour. Our guide was a sweet old lady who knew everything about the town. She told us a lot about Sound of Music and Mozart, because I guess that’s what they figure Americans know about.

Julie Andrews danced here!!

And here!

This is where Mozart was born.

She also danced here. This was the Do-Re-Mi fountain.

Austria was just beautiful. I don’t know that I’m desperate to go back, but I’m so glad I got to mark it off of my list.