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Day 6: Blitz Tour and Nando's

London is my favorite place. Hands down. I spend a month there with school and absolutely fell in love. I’ve been trying to get back ever since. Less than a year to go until my mom and I go visit together!!

I’m a planner. I have had the trip planned out since May. We will be spending six days in London and the surrounding area. It took a lot of drafts to get the days planned out perfectly, but I think I’ve got it. My six day itinerary would be good for anyone doing a visit three days or more as there are a few day trips that can be added or removed based upon your trip length. Leave comments below and offer up suggestions! We’ve still got a ways to go before the trip so I can still adjust. I hope someone else uses the itinerary and finds it helpful and feels that they saw everything that they wanted to.

* For places I’ve visited, I linked to my post from my past visit*

Day 1

Arrive in London

  • Find your hotel and drop off luggage. If you are there before check-in, most hotels will allow you to store your items in a luggage room until you return that evening to actually check-in

Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens walkthrough

  • The hotel we will be staying at is near to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Any time I visit a new city, I like to spend the first day acclimating to the area I am staying in and just relaxing. You may not stay near to the park and gardens. Walk around the neighborhood near your hotel. Find another park nearby. You could even take the tube to get to Hyde Park as the rest of the day is kind of nearby to it.

Buckingham Palace

  • Sometimes the palace is open for tours. I don’t believe it will be when we visit, but I’d like to walk by the outside and potentially see the Changing of the Guard. Regardless if you can go inside or not, it’s still a beautiful palace that I recommend at least walking past.

Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

  • Big Ben is more of a photo op than a visit, but it’s something you can’t leave out. Since it’s still the first day and you’re just kind of relaxing and walking slowly about, stopping to take a photo of the clock fits in perfectly on day 1. Westminster is right next door. There is an admission fee, but it’s worth it. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos inside so get a good look! I recommend purchasing the “map/program” of every place you visit as a souvenir since you can’t photograph.

Ride London Eye438ea-67822_10151517867533946_30467207_n

  • A lot of people will say the London Eye is a waste of money. I don’t think it is. I think it’s a brilliant way to end your first day in London. You can see the entire city. It’s calm and relaxing. If you’ve done some research, you might even be able to find the areas of town you’ll be seeing in the coming days.

Early to bed

  • This is optional. I recommend getting to bed early the first day though. You will be exhausted. You cannot take a nap during the day or it will mess with your body clock. You will want to go to sleep early. I promise.

Day {trip} 2

Day trip to Dover

  • dddc9-21374_10151522999598946_673106932_nMy mom wanted to visit the seaside. I wanted history. You combine the two and you get Dover! I’ve been before but only saw the Castle so am excited to see more of the town. It’s not too far of a trip, but there is a lot to see there so expect it to be a most of the day trip, not a half day trip.

Dover Castle

White Cliffs


St Margaret’s Beach

Fan Bay Shelter

Day 3


  • I’ve included Harrods on the list basically just because it’s famous. I went to Macy’s in NYC and only felt it right to visit Harrods in London. There is a massive cafe there with the most delicious chocolate bar that you must go to. Harrods opens rather early so it is a good stop for the early bird who is trying to squeeze something in early in the day.

V&A Museum

History Museum


  • If for some reason you get bored of the museums, rest for a bit. You’ll be seeing a show tonight if you choose it, so it will be a late night. A brief nap might do you good.


  • If you buy show tickets at the last minutes direct from the box office, you are likely to get a discount. At some point the theatre just wants a full house so the prices drop. For “Once,” a friend and I got seats for approx $25 (converted from pounds) in the middle of the orchestra section. We also got seats for about $100 a piece in a private box at “The Cripple of Inishmaan.” We tried for “Matilda,” but it was sold out. If you want to see shows that you don’t think will sell out, I highly recommend waiting until that evening right before curtain to purchase. If it’s a popular show, like “Harry Potter” or like “Hamilton” would be, definitely buy in advance.

Day 4Day 6: Blitz Tour and Nando's

St Paul’s Cathedral

  • Try to put this day on a Sunday if you can. St Paul’s is free on Sundays. If not, then you’ll pay a small amount to the church to tour it.

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Camden Market


  • If you’d like to see another show, you an fit it in on this day. If not, hit the London Museum or Tate Modern. One is a history museum and the other is an art museum. Pick whichever is more up your alley!

Day {trip} 5

Day trip to Cambridge

  • I had a hard time deciding between Cambridge and Oxford. I posted on forums and created itineraries for both. In the end, Cambridge had more to do/see. It was easier to fill the day if we chose to.

Punting on the River Cam

King’s College

Back in time to see a show if you get tired of wandering

  • Most of Cambridge is the university. You can go in most of the buildings and wander the grounds. The city is also cute and you can walk around that. Basically, you can stay there as briefly or as long as you’d like. It’s not a far train ride so if you left by 4, you’d have time to catch a last minute show that evening!

Day {trip} 6

Day trip to Brighton

  • I desperately wanted to visit Brighton last time I was in London but I ended up traveling to other countries on all of my weekends instead of staying in the UK. I don’t regret it, but I did miss out on seeing a lot of places, like Brighton. Luckily I will get to see it now!

Royal Pavilion

Brighton Beach

Brighton Pier

North Laine

Time to leave London

That’s it! I hope that this sample itinerary was helpful to you! Leave a comment below and tell me what you would have added or cut from the list. Next year after my trip, I guess I’ll find out how good this plan is. I think I’ll find it’s a great one though. I’ll post my sample Paris itinerary soon so be on the lookout.