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That awkward moment when you realize this was supposed to get posted LAST summer. Like 2015. Whoops.

Late, but not forgotten, Berlin 2015. Berlin will mostly be a photo diary as I no longer remember the small details of the day.

From what I recall, we only spent one day in Berlin. We arrived via a sleeper train from Munich and got straight to sight-seeing. It was mostly a driving tour so I didn’t get many photos and the ones I did get aren’t that great. The next morning, we flew out to head home.

2015-06-26 09.35.06

2015-06-26 09.43.062015-06-26 09.55.50

2015-06-26 10.36.49

2015-06-26 10.50.33

2015-06-26 10.41.57

Brandenburg Gate

2015-06-26 11.20.31

2015-06-26 11.42.39

2015-06-26 12.02.33