We made it!! Our trip began with a three hour layover. That turned an already three hour layover in Dallas into a six hour layover. Luckily, we were able to relax in the American Express lounge for the day! 

When we arrived to the airport, things went smoothly. Our journey to the hotel went well also. We weren’t able to check in when we arrived as it was too early, but we did get to store our luggage. 

Starving, we left the hotel and journeyed to the British Museum, planning to eat along the way. (We didn’t.) I did really well not getting hangry. We ended up staying at the museum for about two hours before we decided to head to the London Eye. 

The line for the Eye was long so we decided to buy a fast pass. We also bought tickets to a river cruise as a cheaper add-on. We journeyed 40 minutes along the Thames hearing about the bridges and the silly buildings. When we went up the Eye after the cruise, we were able to identify the buildings easily. Also, the ice cream next to the Eye is still amazing. 

Mom says London reminds her a bit of New York, but New York doesn’t have buildings like this! 

Westminster Abbey! We planned to go in today, but the river cruise took its place. I’ve seen it before but mom hasn’t. 

From the Eye, we walked. And walked. And walked. We walked to Buckingham Palace. The Queen is in town! We walked through Green Park and Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Today was a 20k step day and we didn’t take any of them prior to noon. Also, I didn’t sleep on the flight so I was tired. It was pretty though. You couldn’t tell you were in a city sometimes. It rained on and off as we were walking to the hotel. Half of my just wanted to go to the room and sleep. The other half wanted food. We ended up at a pub eating fish and chips!

And now a few pictures of us in the London Eye… to Bath tomorrow! Rain or shine!