Today we spent most of our time outside. We started bright and early at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Last time I was there we were only able to see the floor as it was a Sunday. This time, we were able to visit the Whispering Gallery, high above the floor. It was quite a lot of small steps to get there, but it was worth it! Unfortunately no photos are allowed at St. Paul’s, so you’ll not be able to see what we saw. 

After St. Paul’s, we decided to walk to the Tower of London. It was a 2 mile walk, but it was a beautifully chilly day so I enjoyed it. We had a rain scare once, but then the sun started to peek out. On the way there, we were able to cross three of London’s most famous bridges – Millennium, London, and Tower. We also walked down several cute alleyways.  

Mom wanted to go to the top of the bridge where there is a glass pathway but I didn’t want to. Instead, we crossed and headed on to the Tower. 

The Tower was massive! We spent easily three and a half hours here. We saw each room while there, including the vault that houses the Crown Jewels. It was so neat to be able to walk in and out of the walls and rooms and see the serif graffiti on the walls. 

This was just a cute little area in the Tower. I liked looking at it.

We had quite a bit of time left after visiting the Tower so we decided to cross the Thames again and visit Borough Market. We enjoyed smelling all the aromas and seeing what strange foods they had for sale. Mom bought a small brick of wine cheese that was really good. She almost got it confiscated at Harry Potter though. Luckily the security guard allowed her to check her cheese into the cloakroom!

We also had our first meal at Nando’s. I remember not being super impressed with them when I visited four years ago, but I enjoyed the food this time! 

Harry Potter Part Two was very good also. I liked Part One more because there was more magic and surprises but both were good and I’m very glad I got to see it with the original cast only days before a new cast comes in.