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Today, we took another trip out of London. This time, we went to Cambridge! (Not Massachusetts)

We spent most of the time wandering the naturey parts of the city. We took a collegebacks punting tour on the River Cam and that was so fun. Our guide told us about all of the colleges and bridges. He also told us that Stephen Hawking still teaches at Cambridge! 

After punting, we went towards King’s College where we found out that the grounds were closed due to exams and graduation. We were still able to visit the chapel though so that was exciting. 

We had a lot of time left after the chapel so we once again ate fish and chips. We had passed a botanic garden on the way to the river earlier so we decided to return there and walk through it. They were having a plant festival so we got to see a bit more than normal!

We took an earlier train back to London than we had planned but that allowed me time to take this photo: 

I paid £20 to skip a massive line and be next to take my photo. We would have been in line for an hour! I got a lanyard that said VIP, a Hogwarts Express ticket, and a printed copy of my photo along with a digital copy. 

Now we are sitting in a Starbucks wasting time until closer to 6. We have dinner reservations before we see American in Paris tonight. Brazilian food!! Seeing American in Paris and eating Brazilian food all while we’re in London. Makes me laugh!

Tomorrow we will be taking another daytrip away from London as well as meeting up with some friends who are also on a “holiday” as the Brits call it. It’s so hard to believe tomorrow is our last day in the U.K. before heading up north to Scandinavia! 12 days left until we come home!