Country number 2!

We arrived in Sweden around 1 pm on Monday. We took the fast train from the airport into the city center and found our hotel right away! We got checked in and then headed for a walk around the coast to the Vasa Museum. 

The Vasa is a 17th century warship that sank on her maiden voyage. She was found in the 1950s and brought back to land. The ship was massive!! We got to explore several galleries with artifacts and see the ship from different heights and peer inside of it. 

This is a replica at 1/10 of the scale. Punted as if the real ship would have been. 

After the Vasa, we decided to book a sight-seeing cruise that we passed on the walk to the museum. It lasted right over two hours. Before we boarded, we HAD to have Swedish meatballs though. We found a park cafe and ordered up!
We had to cross a lock to the Baltic Sea so that was neat. We went into an area and then a gate closed behind us. The gate in front of us slowly opened to allow the water level to meet the outside. 

The coast of Stockholm was gorgeous! The clouds all looked like paintings. 

After the cruise, I had a chokladboll from a coffee shop. I’d seen them around so figured they were a traditional dessert of some sort. It was okay but I don’t like coconut. We board the boat around 2 tomorrow so will only get the morning to explore. Can’t wait!