Today we woke up bright and early from our amazing hotel to have breakfast and continue our tour. We headed to Peterhof, where Anastasia was born.

We only got to visit the lower cascade garden as we didn’t have all day here. It was amazing!! Our guide said it was over 100 hectares, whatever that means. Each fountain is run my gravity, not pumps.

After finishing in Peterhof, we headed to the Hermitage Museum complex. It is made up of the Winter Palace as well as several others. The Winter Palace is in the movie Anastasia, but isn’t historically supposed to be. Rooms looked familiar though! But no grand staircase in the ballroom. During WWII, this was one of the only palces to not be destroyed and restored after. They painted it grey because the Germans would fly over Leningrad (now St Petersburg) and look for shiny and extravagant buildings. If it was grey, it blended in. They would paint gold steeples grey also to protect them!\

The Hermitage portions hold a massive art collection. We saw Da Vinci, Michaeangelo, Rembrandt, and more!

We also had the chance to visit inside of the Spilled Blood Church. The church was build in memory of Alexander II after he was assassinated on site. The cobblestones he was killed on are still in the church under a gorgeous awning. All of the interior was made of mosaics.

After seeing the church, we went back to the boat. We all joked that we were returning to prison after our luxurious St Petersburg hotels! Helsinki tomorrow!