Did you know that only an hour and a half away from Helsinki is this beautiful place?

Tallinn, Estonia has a medieval, walled town center. We arrived around 930 in the morning and left at 730 in the evening. We did find ourselves short on things to do as it got later but it was fairly hot outside and it was wearing us out.

We took a tour of the bastion tunnels below the city and learned about how they were used as shelters during WWII and the Cold War. We also climbed a tower called “Kiek in de Kök.” It means “peek into the kitchen.”  The tower was so tall, soldiers inside could look through the windows into all of the villagers kitchens. It was a lot of climbing, but I got great photos, like the first one, from the top.

We mostly spent the day roaming the “village.” We bought more souvenirs and had gelato.

I also bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Estonian. Yesterday I bought the Finnish edition.