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My sister and I successfully survived our first trip together!! We recently returned home from a long weekend in Washington DC. It was my first time going but her second time. She low-key hated it when she went the first time so she was looking forward to going and making happier memories that didn’t include being with a group of 50 eighth graders in matching colors.

We started our trip by going to eat dinner at a friend’s apartment. It was nice to get to meet this group of girls that I’ve been communicating with on Facebook for the past few years! It was a wonderful way to spend our first evening in the city.

Friday morning, we hit the ground running. I’ll just foreshadow a bit and tell you we walked over 40,000 steps and nearly 19 miles on this day.

We started with a tour of the Capitol. Our guide was a young man from Wichita Falls! Neither of us knew him, but it was neat to have him be from here! Because our tour was early in the morning, we got to the National Mall before it got crowded. This allowed me to get an AMAZING photo of the Capitol with no one in it.

After the Capitol, we went to see the Library of Congress. We hadn’t planned to see it, but the Capitol had a tunnel connecting the two so we decided “Why not! Let’s be spontaneous!”

We walked through the Botanic Gardens also, but were a bit disappointed that there weren’t many flowers. We kind of rushed through that and I think would have skipped it if we had known it was just greenery.

After the gardens, we headed to the Natural History Museum. I was a bit disappointed. After seeing museums in London and Paris, I expected more from our museums. Especially from the building itself. In other countries, the building is a part of the museum. It’s beautiful and extravagant and massive. At the Smithsonian, it was just a building that houses the artifacts. I thought the London Natural History Museum was much better. We didn’t spend a lot of time here. Maybe two hours, including lunch.

We visited the National Archives next. We had tickets for a few days later but plans changed and we weren’t able to keep them. We decided to see what the line looked like and try to go in. There was no line! I was afraid we would be waiting over an hour like the internet said was likely. We waltzed right in! There was a bit of a line in the Rotunda where the Charters are, but still not bad. I wish we could have taken pictures of the Declaration and Constitution, but I understand why we couldn’t.

We visited the American History Museum last. It was probably my favorite museum we saw. We spend a while in this museum since the exhibits were so interesting and so interactive.

We walked around the monuments a bit before dinner also. We had to go to the hotel and check in to our trip at a certain time so after that, we had dinner at Old Ebbitt’s Grill (GO THERE IT WAS AMAZING) and then walked through the monuments again as it was getting dark.

By the end of the day, we had over 40,000 steps and over 18 miles. I had blisters and our feet and legs hurt so much! It didn’t feel like we had walked that much though. I doubled my busiest day from London but it didn’t feel like it at all.