Today, we started off with a two stop water truck run. We went to two sections in Citi Soleil. One of them we had visited before. The stops went much more smoothly since we all knew what we were doing. The first place was actually pretty nice. The streets were wide and cleanish and instead of tents, there were some rough looking apartments they had. By apartment, I mean two story cinderblock building with a few families living in it.


We also went to Gertrude’s. It’s an orphanage for disabled children. Some were severely disabled and some were only slightly. They all wanted our attention and affection. They all took turns on the swings in the small playground. Others were entranced by the bubbles we brought.

Also, I never mentioned it here, but it’s moved into the compound so I will now. There’s a neat little virus going around Haiti right now. It’s normally only found in Africa. It’s called Chikungunya. It’s from mosquitos and the only preventative is not getting bit. There are no pills you can take to prevent it. It’s not like malaria. Once you get it, there isn’t anything you can take to get rid of it save Ibuprofen and Benadryl. It causes joint pain, fever and a rash. It can take up to a year to fully go away. The good part is that once you get it, you can’t get it again! Oh, and it’s not fatal. Just annoying and painful.

I don’t have it, but one, maybe two, people do have it. Neither are on our team.


Every evening, we gather around a small TV and look over the day’s pictures. We generally have 100+ each day. It’ll be fun looking through them when I get home!