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We made it to Haiti!! (Pictures aren’t working. Sorry.)

Our day started at 4:30 this morning. The first flight of the day left at 6:00 am. We caught three flights total today.

We nearly missed our flight to Port au Prince from Miami. We already had only a 45 minute layover plus we were stuck on the tarmac waiting to get off. Then we discovered the flight we were needing to get on was delayed. Yay!!

We joined with two others in our team and boarded to head to Haiti. There are nine of us total (not counting the long-term missionaries.)

Once we landed in Haiti, we met up with our peeps outside of the airport and loaded up in the top-top to head to the guesthouse. We’re the only team this week so we get all the translators!! Two long-term missionaries with Healing Haiti will also be journeying with us this week.

We went over the rules and regulations at dinner (shepherd’s pie!) and then relaxed for a while. We still have to do an inventory of all of the donations we brought before we call it a night.

Tomorrow is the toughest day we’ll have. It’s water truck day. We’ll go into Cite Soleil (one of the most dangerous places in the world) and deliver water. A huge milk truck gets filled with fresh water and the Haitians line up with buckets to fill them. We mainly hold children and carry buckets for people to their homes (tents made of anything they can find.)

Well, I guess that’s all.