Today we docked for the day in Helsinki, Finland. Getting of the boat was a hassle because no on likes to stand in a proper line so there was a lot of cutting. When we finally got off, we had a tour arranged so we boarded a private bus right away. 

We saw most of the downtown area! Olympic Park, the embassies, the marinas, Suomenlinna Fortress (from across the harbor) and more. 

We stopped and got to get out and see the Sibelius Monument. I made the comment that it looked like a tree and our guide was excited. She said that was the intention but more people than not think it looks like an organ. 

We also visited the Rock a church. It was built about 50 years ago inside of a small mountain of stone. They had to blast it out to put the church inside. It’s very bright and open inside and the acoustics are great. 

We also visited Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square before walking to the market for a snack. 

I tried blini! It’s got caviar on it and I did not like it at all!